Social Structure

The Tillek

All dolphinic knowledge is held by the Tillek, usually the oldest dolphin, who is the most important dolphin. Each Tillek passes its knowledge down to the one who will succeed it. They can usually speak the best and understand the most because of the fact that they have to remember all dolphinic history. The pod leaders are also taught by the Tillek, and have to pass the test of swimming through the Great Subsidence before they can become pod leaders.


Each pod has an area of water that they 'patrol'. Notifying the relevant people/dolphins when there is a change in coastline, a massive storm coming, or some other important event.

Pod Leaders

Each pod has a leader in it that is usually the oldest male. When the leader gets too old, a younger male takes his place. Because the dolphins can talk, they never fight for any positions. The leader's jobs are to keep the pod under control, educate the young ones, and send promising dolphins to the Tillek for further education. They also inform the Tillek of all important happenings in the pod's water and recieve information back from her concerning other pods.