Duties: The CraftMaster, sometimes referred to as 'The Dolphineer', is posted to the Main Hall and serves as the main administrator of the craft. The CraftMaster also helps oversee the setting up of new dolphineer postings and handles craft promotions.

Skills: The CraftMaster has similar skills to any master, they tend to be among the best at them but a much more important requirement is their ability to administer the craft.

Uniform: The same as for masters.

Knots: A typical CraftMaster knot in dolphineer colors.


Duties: The CraftSecond is posted to the Main Hall and generally serves mostly as an administrator, helping take care of and coordinate the dolphineers around Pern. The CraftSecond also handles most of the financial matters of the craft, managing where the fees paid by Hold and Weyr go within the craft.

Skills: The CraftSecond has the skills of a master along with some administration skills, they tend not to overspecialize however.

Uniform: The same as for masters.

Knots: A typical CraftSecond knot in dolphineer colors.


Duties: The duty of most masters is to teach apprentices and journeymen, others are posted to the larger seaside holds or weyrs and have similar duties as journeymen there.

Skills: Most journeymen become masters because of either, their ability to teach or they've gained a specialization in the craft which they can practice.

Uniform: The formal uniform for masters is the standard blue jacket, white shirt, and dolphin blue pants, with trim and detailed knotwork going down the edges of the jacket and down the seam of the pantlegs, generally more ornate than what Journeymen wear.

Knots: The standard master's knot in DolphinCraft colors, dolphin blue and white.


Duties: Journeyman dolphineers ae generally posted at various seaside Holds and Weyrs all around Pern. They care for local pods of dolphins, verify sea charts in their area and make new ones, work with fishermen, and work with local healers to some extent. There are many duties that are preformed really, too many to easily list here.

Skills: There aren't many specialist journeymen, usually those journeymen who begin working on specializations become masters upon becoming proficient in that speciality. This isn't always true, but generally is. Journeyman skills are very widely varied.

Uniform: There is no set dresscode, but attire is almost always functional and something that won't be hurt by getting wet of course. The formal uniform is similar to the apprentice uniform, blue jacket, white shirt, dolphin blue pants, but its a bit more ornate, the edges of the jacket trimmed is knotwork and such.

Knots: The knot is a standard Journeyman knot, laced in dolphin blue and white.


Duties: An apprentice spends most of their time learning, but much of the rest of the time is spent doing work and chores to pay for their education. Mainly, they don't spend all their time playing with dolphins and thats for certain, however, they're expected to play with the dolphins and get to know them. If they find a suitable match for their personality and such both parties might decide to become partners.

Skills: A dolphineer learns a large variety of skills as an apprentice, from dolphin physiology to meteorology, the list is really to numerous to list here but they tend to be more varied than specialized.

Uniforms: There is no specific dresscode, however apprentices' wear a jacket in DolphinCraft blue, white shirt, and dolphin blue pants for the few ceremonial occasions and craftwide meetings.

Knots: The apprentice knot is laced with only DolphinCraft blue until the apprentice has a partner, and then the secondary color is added.(technically they're Senior Apprentices then, but the difference doesn't usually matter)