Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth High Palisades Hold
Occupation DOC Journeyman
Hair Auburn
Eyes Blue

This young woman is slender in appearance and if not for very subtle curves of her hips, one wouldn't know she was a woman at all. Short auburn waves fall down her oval shaped face to her jawline. Freckles adorn her cheeks and under brilliant blue eyes. A ragged scar runs from the right edge of her mouth upwards towards her eye, tiny dots from stitching running down the short length. Those same freckles trickle down slender shoulders and forearms, disappearing before reaching her wrists. Tall in height, she is otherwise average in proportions.

Baggy woven pants are worn, stained to the color of sandy hues. A milky cream tunic is worn over her shoulders with a thick leather belt tied tightly around her waist with a small squared natural leather pouch tied to one side. Those baggy pants are rolled up and tied around her ankles, letting her weathered leather sandals be plainly in view. An apprentice knot of Dolphincraft blue is tied to her shoulder.


Valeska was the product of a mating flight between her father and a passing greenrider in Ierne. Her mother wasn't particularly ready to be a full time parent and still longed for the organized life of Weyrs so shortly after the birth of her daughter, she departed for Xanadu. Her father was already a resident in Ierne so she was raised on the Weyrhold's shores. As turns passed, she showed interest in the Dolphin pods and with her father's blessing, apprenticed with the Dolphincraft. The beginning was rocky at first, her personality not fitting well with the other young ladies but one fist fight and a wooden plank was all it took to smooth things out.


Name Relation Location Position
Valen Father Ierne Weyrhold Dockhand
Anaska Mother Xanadu Weyr Greenrider


None. Dragonriders do not have Dolphin Partners but still assist with duties within the Craft.


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