A lovely young woman with pale, ash blonde hair and intelligent hazel eyes, contrasting her slightly dusky skin. She is quite petite, not even reaching five feet in height. Her figure is fairly curvy, and well proportioned, showing that she has indeed reached the full blossom of womanhood.

At the moment, she's wearing a lightweight flower print dress, cut to show just a hint of clevage, with the skirt coming to just below her knees. Her feet are protected by delicate looking wherhide sandals.


Maeve was born in a small seaholding on Ista Island, the daughter of Vert, a Seacrafter, and Maera, a Weaver. Raised by her parents, rather than being fostered out, she grew up as part of the mob of kidlets that would essentially terrorize the hold. As she grew older, she didn't excel at her lessons, although this was more due to a fair bit of apathy rather than any mental deficiency. Simply put, she was intelligent, but lazy. She would rather spend her time with her friends, playing games or loafing about than doing lessons.

As she grew older, Maeve dabbled in several different crafts, but wasn't able to settle on any one. She enjoyed working with her mother's loom, and tried her hand at cooking, woodcarving, and even working with electronics. It's just that she didn't have the attention span to stick to one thing. At last, becoming frustrated with her incredibly poor attention span, she left her cothold, with the blessings of her family. She hoped to find someone or something to help her, and then, perhaps, make a life for herself.

Eventually, she made her way to Southern. Over the course of a turn, she traveled from Southern Hold, making her way eventually to Eastern Weyr. It was on her first day there that she did find the life that she sought, when, purely by chance, she met another young wanderer, a lovely girl named Sellana. The two girls practically fell in love at first sight, and became almost inseparable. Not long afterwards, a brilliant suggestion by Weaver Journeywoman Yeralla, Maeve approached the Dolphincraft…


Maeve has what the ancient timer healers would have diagnosed as an extremely severe case of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (something she actually shares with her player.) She is easily distracted, and has difficulty concentrating. She also suffers from a surplus of energy, and will often be seen darting around, essentially for no apparent reason. She talks extremely fast, and will often change the subject multiple times within a conversation.