Sex Male
Position Dolphineer
Dolphin Atlas
Craft Dolphin Craft
Rank Journeyman
Speciality Search and Rescue
Age 20
Birthplace Fort Weyr
Home Monaco Bay Weyr


Handsome is a word to that you could use to describe this young man. Youthful innocence that has been tempered by a spirit of mischief; these roguish qualities seem to be enhanced by the dark brown hair that changes to a reddish color when in the sun. He keeps it cropped short, maybe only a few fingers long on the top. The rich earthy color of his hair makes the odd colors of his eyes stand out all the more within the slightly rounded contours of his face; the right is a clear ocean blue, the left a honey brown. His cheeks are slender, adding to that gaunt wild look of his, when he smiles it is toothy and always goes up to his eyes. He is just over 5’6” barefoot, and has an athletic build from all the time in the water swimming.

Generally, he's found wearing trousers in dolphin blue paired with a shirt of white. Sometimes, a blue jacket with knot work trim is worn if the weather is cool enough. On his feet are sandals if he is not bare foot. Upon his shoulder is the cords and knot in blue and white of a Journeyman of the Dolphin Craft.


Kalen and Lyzaen, twins born to Jaylen and K'drozen, riders at Fort Weyr, they are the oldest children of the weyrmated pair. Growing up at Fort Weyr, they were just another pair of rider brats, running around the weyr, and being schooled by nannies and harpers. The two were never very far apart, always challenging one another to get into trouble, always trying to out-do one another.

From the moment they were introduced to the lake and taught to swim, they'd found something they both enjoyed. Combine that with a trip down to Southern one weekend where they met several dolphineers at work with their partners, and the two knew what they wanted to do in life. And thus began the constant barrage of pleas from them both to join the Dolphin Craft when they came of age.

That day came, and the two were taken there, where they have flourished over the years, rising quick as they could amongst the ranks. They both partnered with dolphins, and have recently become Journeymen, to be transfered to Monaco Bay with their dolphins, Dori and Atlas.


Name Relation Position Age Stationed
Jaylen Mother Dragonrider FOW
K'drozen Father Dragonrider FOW
Lyzaen Twin Sister Dolphineer 20 MBW
Kayn Younger Brother Guard 18 FOW


Much like his name sake taken from the old earth tomes, Atlas as strong and broad weighing in at an impressive 190 kgs. Measuring roughly about 3 meters long, From the top down, he’s cape and dorsal fin are almost black in coloring. Further down the body you it lightens up to a slate grey over his belly. His beaklike snout is the lightest part of him almost pewter gay. Above the upper jaw is a large mass of fat and oil-containing tissue forming the so-called "melon" that looks much like a bulging forehead. His front flippers are lightly scarred but they don’t affect his ability to still turn on a mark.