Meeting a Trader at the Beach

Jul 26, 2017
==== Wakua, Bracen, and Kalen

DolphinCraft Hall - Training Beach

The training beach has been set into a secluded ocean cove well away from the shipping lanes running to and from Rubicon River Hold. The beachfront is long with shaggy softwoods and waving palms scattered over the outskirts, gradually giving way to a pristine expanse of white sands. Several small wooden open air classrooms are built on the inland side of the beach. A single long pier reaches into the depths with a large dolphin bell set prominently at the end. Most of the cove has been dredged deep to allow plenty of room for the pods coming in and out, but a section has been left shallow for swimming and teaching. A well-worn path of beach sand leads to the courtyard in the southeast.

People: Bracen Wakua

It's a nice warm day here at the DolphinCraft hall. Bracen, looking a little out of place as one of the few people without a DolphinCraft knot, has made his way out to the beach in search of a little relaxation. He carries a backpack slung over his shoulders, along with a towel.

Wakua has just finished a lesson at one of the open air classroom. She stays after for a bit to ask the journeyman teaching it some questions as the other younger apprentices rush off glad to be done for the day and to enjoy a bit of free time before dinner. Wakua gets her answers and then heads out as well. She looks around and goes to find a spot on the beach where she sits down and takes out a book and notebook to start to read and take some notes.

Given that he's sort of awkwardly standing by himself, it's a safe bet that Bracen doesn't know any of the locals. Since hanging out alone on the beach doesn't sound terribly exciting, he decides it's time to get to know some of them. Spying Wakua by herself, he approaches with a friendly smile and wave. "Hello there."

Wakua looks up and then looks at your shoulder for a knot to see if she has to salute you or not. She herself has an apprentice knot on her shoulder, "Hello. It's a beautiful day isn't it?" She asks after she makes careful note of where she is in her reading. "Do you need some help?"

There's no knot on Bracen. Probably no need to salute him. His smile remains. "No, not really." He answers. "I'm Bracen. I'm with the trader group that came in this morning. Just out to take a little break and enjoy your lovely beaches."

Wakua nods her head politely, "It's nice to meet you Bracen. I'm Apprentice Dolphineer Wakua. I did some trading before I became a dolphineer I'll have to come see what you and your trade group is offering before you head out. Do you specialize in anything yourself?"

"Nice to meet you, too. Mostly I deal with Smithcraft goods. Some things from the Weavers and Bakers, too." Bracen answers. "I have a little of everything here. Mostly, I'm hoping to pick up pearls from the crafthall. I have a jeweler interested in a large quantity." He shrugs his shoulders and smiles. "But right now, I'm taking a little break. Would you mind some company, Wakua?"

Wakua smiles, "Good luck I'm sure there are some enterprising journeymen or journeywomen that would be willing to help you, probably a couple of the more cheeky apprentices as well. I don't mind the company I was just going to do some studying before dinner, but this can wait until afterwards. I dealt in rare and hard to find items when I was a trader, among other things."

Bracen grins. "Well, I'd apologize for distracting you from your studies, but I can't pretend to be too worried about that." He jokes with a wink, laying his towel out on the sands and unslinging his backpack. "Well, I'll have to watch for you when you come by. If you know the business, you'll be a shrewd one."

Wakua puts her book and notebook to the side as to not be rude "If I come it will be probably just to look. I don't have any marks and I really don't need anything. I might help a few of the apprentices that do, just to make sure they are getting a fair deal."

"And you're not the kind of cheeky apprentice who might sneak me a pearl or two? I'm happy to barter, if that's easier than marks." Bracen suggests with a wink as he settles on the towel. "Well, enough business worries, anyways. What's fun to do around here, Wakua?"

Wakua shakes her head, "Sorry I have too much studying to do to be cheeky. I'll let the other apprentices know that barter would be better then just start marks." She shrugs, "Not sure really I've just been here for little over a sevenday and most of that time has been either unpacking, studying or being evaluated by the journeymen."

"Really?" Bracen raises an eyebrow, surprised. "You didn't look that young. I mean, you look /young/, of course. Very pretty. But I'dve guessed you were nearly a journeyman. Well… congratulations?"
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Wakua chuckles, "It's all right. I just had a change in careers and am trying to pursue this one instead of being a trader. I got bored and wanted to travel less. I enjoy the water and working with the dolphins."

Bracen breathes a sigh of relief and grins. "Whew. I was worried I'd put my foot in my mouth there. Or, worse, I was some terrible judge of age and you were secretly thirteen or so." He shakes his head and smiles. "So. That water as inviting as it looks?"

Wakua smiles, "It's all right. I know it's a bit strange to be joining a craft at this age, but it's what I really want to do with the rest of my life." She looks out to the water, "Yes from what I have heard the water is enjoyable this afternoon. I haven't had a chance to go in it since I went in this morning for practice laps."

It's a nice warm afternoon here at the beach. Bracen and Wakua sit near each other, with the former sitting on a towel he brought with him. "Do dolphineers ever just go swimming for fun, then?" He asks with a bit of a chuckle. "I suppose it might get tiresome, with all the exercises."

Wakua nods, "Sure all the time. Not really its different when you are swimming for a purpose then just paddling around for fun. Besides everything or so I'm told is a game to the dolphins so every time we go swimming it's to have fun."

Bracen looks pleasantly surprised at that answer, his eyebrow rising again. "Well, excellent. Any chance I could talk you into a swim, then?" He pauses, then laughs. "I don't suppose I'm so lucky that you could show me any easy spots for pearl diving around here."

A diver will surface and climb up the side of the little dock that is there, laying in his back for a moment he is dressed in a spring wet suit with his name and rank on the front. His brown hair is matted to his head as he lays there for a time catching his breath like a beached dolphin. He will sit up and look out at the water as if trying to commit something to memory.

Wakua shakes her head, "Sorry as much as I'd like to I don't have time for a swim. I don't know where any spots for pearls might be either. Like I said I've just been here a week. I'd really think you should work out a deal with one of the journeymen. They'd know where the best spots are."

Bracen tsks, giving Wakua a smile despite any disappointment. "Well, that's a shame on both counts. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll find some way to make something of the trip." He spies the diver exiting the water. "Perhaps he'd be a better one to ask, then."

Wakua nods, "Perhaps another time. I'm sure that you will." She looks over and she gives the diver a salute. "You can try. I don' think I've heard him mention any." She says as she sits there, quite happy where she is.

The diver stands up and grabs a towel to wrap over his head walking back down the dock toward where the Apprentice and other man sits. When he gets closer his mismatched eyes scan over and grin as he sees there are people on the beach "Afternoon there, Apprentice. Who is your guest?" he will inquire with a crooked little grin. The name on his wet suit says "Kalen, Jman" stenciled above the dolphin logo.

Bracen offers a waver to the diver as he asks after his identity. "Bracen. I'm with the trader group that arrived this morning." Explains his lack of a knot. "An associate of mine in the Smithcraft asked if I could deliver a large order of pearls. This seemed like the first place to look."

Wakua gives Kalen a salute, 'Good afternoon Journeyman." She lets the two men introduce themselves to each other as she picks up her books and puts them away. "I'm afraid that I have to get going. I'd like to put my books away before dinner time. Hopefully I'll see you both there."