Wakua Takes her Leave

July 18, 2017
==== Kalen and Wakua

DolphinCraft Hall - Healing Cavern

The cavern is quiet and smells faintly of numbweed. A heavy tapestry covers the entrance into the Great Cavern, to stop the sound from disturbing the healers and their patients. The waters of this cavern are (for the most part) only chest deep on an average person, allowing the healers easy access to their patients. The natural ledge dropping away at the water entrance into deeper water. Steps have been carved into the rock, making it easy to climb up from (or down to) the water.

Although the water near the cavern entrance is is quite deep, much of the rest of the cavern is only chest deep on an average person, allowing the healers easy access to their patients. The water here is quiet, although there is enough movement from the ebb and flow in the main cavern to ensure the water here remains clean and doesn't stagnate. Across the entrance to the waters of the main cavern, a heavy shield hangs down to the water to help keep external sounds out of the healing cavern.

It is early morning here at the Dolphin craft hall, Kalen having just been called back the night before is in the healing cavern looking over paper work in the early quiet before lessons start. He has a mug of klah in one hand as he is sitting waist deep in the water looking at a water proof holder of papers.

Wakua comes down into the Healing Cavern and she looks around. She spots Kalen and she moves over to him, "Good morning Kalen. I was told that you'd be in here."

Kalen grins up at Wakua "Well this is a pleasant surprise, was today one of your entrance exams? Or did you just come to see me" he is wearing the full body wet suit all instructors have to wear. He moves a little so she can sit on the dry stone next to him if she wishes.

Wakua has her full backpack on her shoulders and she shakes her head, "No exams. I've come to see you to say good bye for a bit. I have some business to take care of, trading business. I need to finish it up before I can fully dedicate myself to the dolphineers. I've let those considering my application know that I'm going to be leaving and in six to eight sevendays, depending on the weather I should be back here. If everything goes well I should be done being a trader and be able to become a dolphineer apprentice."

Kalen doesn't hide the sad look in his face when he hears she is going. He will climb out of the water and wrap a towel around himself so he doesn't dip water anywhere. He looks at her in the eyes and says "I could come with you? I will be stuck here for the next few sevendays, but I could request a sabbatical and go with you if you needed the help." he will give her a half heart grin "I hate paper work and you sound like you are going on an adventure"

Wakua shakes her head, "No honestly you'd be bored to tears going with me and you'd miss your dolphin and the water. I couldn't ask you to do that. All I'm going to be doing is going to those who are my regular customers and letting them know that I won't be trading any more, and then getting a list of them to my contact among the trader family that I work with so that they can continue the relationship, just very boring, boring stuff."

Kalen shrugs and smiles at her "you sure, I am sure we could find some trouble to get into along the way" when she mentions Atlas he looks out at the open water where the dolphin is playing and asks "Do you have to leave right now? He will want to say good bye too"

Wakua nods, "I'm sure we would, but I need to get this done and put this chapter of my life behind me. I hope you understand. I do want to get going as soon as I can. I have lots of places to stop before I meet up with the trade caravan."

Kalen turns and looks back to her and gives her an encouraging grin "Well, If I can can't talk you out of it or join you then at least let me make sure you come back here no matter what" He walks over and pulls out some paper and writes instructions on two of them. He then will scoot to his bag and pull out a mark purse and walk over to her handing them both to her saying "consider this your last trade"

Wakua looks over at Kalen, "What do you mean?" She asks as she watches him pull out some paper and write on it before giving it to her with a mark purse, "What's this for?" She asks as she goes to read what's on the paper.

The First Note says: "Pick up a custom gift from a man named Riohra in Fort Weyr for my sister."

The Second Note days: "Deliver one Apprentice Wakua in best condition to the Dolphin craft hall at earliest convenience.”

Kalen moves over to reshuffle paperwork and make sure his day is in order as Wakua looks over the items. He grins to himself but his eyes portray how sad he really is to see his friend go. He starts to hum a traveling song most people on the road these days sing.

Wakua reads over the note and she nods a little bit, "All right, but it will probably have to be on my return trip to fulfill both of them. Thank you again. Don't worry I'll be back I promise." She says as she goes over to give him a hug before she turns to head out.

Kalen gives her a hug and nods saying "well then I will see you when you get back, Apprentice" He uses the term with the full effect of his official Journeyman Voice, he excepts her here in the craft. He will grab her hand and quickly kiss her cheek saying "For Luck and safe harbor" he says softly then he will turn and drop back into the water to start his day.

Wakua smiles, "You will." She says as she gets kissed on the cheek, "Thanks again I'll see you soon Kalen." She says as she goes to really head out this time.