The dolphins of Pern formed a pact with us, the humans, when we first landed here on Pern, that they would help us by showing us the best fishing areas, warn of storms and changes in the coastline. In return, we would treat wounded dolphins, generally care for them and provide them with company and entertainment. It is important to note that the relationship is completely different to the firelizard-human relationship, in that the dolphins are thinking, intelligent, mammals. It is a equal-equal relationship, not a owner-pet one.

Turn 2690

For the past few turns, the numbers in the Dolphincraft Hall have been dwindling at a rather disturbing rate, leading to an increase in the number of unpaired dolphins. In an effort to gain new recruits and get more dolphins partnered up, the Dolphincraft has thrown open the doors of the Hall, almost literally. Apprentices are being accepted, whether they can swim or not (dolphin teachers fix this problem quite quickly). With these new policies, the Masters of the craft hope to replenish the dolphineer reserves, but only time will tell whether the tactic will actually work.