About 3 turns


Haesungie is smaller than most bottlenose dolphins, not yet fully grown, but he is much more noticeable due to his appearance. Rather than the blues and greys of his kind, this dolphin is almost completely white. The only color he has is concentrated on Sungie's dorsal fin. The tip is bathed in a deep grayish blue and trickles of color flow down like wet paint, fading as they reach the base and blending in with the whiteness of the rest of his body. The still young dolphin bears no scars, his body smooth and pristine. Sungie's head curves down gracefully, ending in a snout that is slightly longer than the norm, which gives the dolphin a sense of elegance. That wonderful picture is quickly ruined when Haesungie drops his wide mouth open, tiny sharp teeth forming a smile and making the white dolphin look like a goofball. Large, dark brown eyes with long lashes are placed just an inch or two behind the ends of Sungie's mouth, even on both sides. If a line were traced from one eye, over his head and to the other eye, the exact middle of the line would mark the placement of Sungie's blowhole. Haesungie's two flippers are slightly behind his head, on the underside of the dolphin. Both seem well aligned and of normal size. The white dolphin's tail is also of normal size, though the lean muscles are easily noticeable and the strength in his entire body hard to miss.


Haesungie is the personification of the hyperactive child. He loves nothing more than playing games, being loud, and squirting the lookout duty guards with water. It is almost impossible to get this dolphin mad and to this date no one has ever seen him so. As a young dolphin (remember he is 3 turns) he is completely grossed out by any sort of public displays of affections and will say as much, not that it stops anyone from doing it! He'll always have a friendly greeting for people, whether he knows them or not! But be careful, if you agree to play with him, you'll be dead tired by the end of the day.